The Best Day of the Week to Move a House

Weekdays from Monday through Thursday are usually considered as best days for relocation. Learn more about why these days are preferred over weekends & how it can help save money.

The Best Day of the Week to Move a House

Weekdays, particularly Monday through Thursday, are usually the best days to move. Moving companies like Allied Van Lines recommend relocating Monday through Thursday, when there is less demand. This implies you may be able to get a better deal on your move if you decide to move during the week. It turns out the best days to move are between Monday and Thursday, even though Tuesdays are the least popular moving day. There is much less demand for moving, so it is very easy to schedule the day of the move, and taking the day off from work to do so will pay off greatly.

You will likely save money by hiring moving companies during this strange part of the week when no one else is moving, and you will have the weekend to unpack and organize before the work week. Based on the data, it is clear that Fridays are the preferred day of the week to move house. The reason homeowners prefer Fridays is because they have long weekends to unpack and settle into their new house. So, if you take a day off on Friday, you will have two additional days on Saturday and Sunday to manage the other crucial post-move tasks. Weekends are the most popular option for moving house.

But if you lean towards the unconventional, remember to choose a day between Monday and Thursday for your next move. Property expert Phil Spencer says his best day to move is Tuesday. The presenter of Location, Location, Location states that Tuesdays tend to be the quietest time for moving companies and other professionals, who can lower their prices to entice people to move when they have less business. Another reason to move in the middle of the week is that, if there is a problem, people are there to solve it and not at 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, when everyone has left. Most moving companies make reservations in advance on weekends, so you may need to quickly hire a moving service provider for a weekend move. So should you move on a weekend or a weekday? What day of the week is best for moving out of the house: a Saturday, a Sunday or a Friday? If you are between two options and you are not sure how to choose the best day of the week to move out of the house, then we have what you need. While Saturday and Sunday may be ideal for your schedule, your best moving days are actually going to fall in the workweek and that's not always news that moving families want to hear.

And if you are moving to another leased property, you may not receive the house on the 30th or the first day of the following month. Moving on a weekday also means you will have the entire following weekend to unpack and organize before the next work week. Mondays aren't a bad choice, especially when the move is big and you plan to do some of the luggage on your own. If you are getting ready to move, be sure to schedule it between Monday and Thursday morning, in the middle of the month, to avoid moving from May to August. The advantage of moving on a Monday is that you have the whole weekend to prepare your luggage and have everything ready before the big day.

If you want to avoid the chaos of moving on the streets, I suggest you look up the most popular moving days (or start and end dates of lease) in your own city. If you choose a day in the middle of the week to move out of your house, you will have easy access to packing company moving service. So Fridays may not be ideal for moving house, especially if you are paying for moving service fees out of pocket. Many moving companies such as Allied Van Lines suggest relocating Monday through Thursday when there is less demand. However, since weekends are next preferred day for moving house, it is important that you schedule your move well in advance.

Although Fridays are most popular day for relocation, if you are not well prepared and haven't been able book a move well in advance then it may be difficult for you find a moving company at last minute.

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